Project Case Study: Koehler Farms

Located just outside of Jandowae, Koehler Farms specialise in grain and crop production.

Clearspan Building Solutions has recently completed a rural shed structure for Koehler which is to be used as a machinery shed.

The 744m2 structure consisted of 12.4 m clear bays for easy machinery access and storage with other features including a 5.6m height clearance and concrete footings.

The new rural shed structure represents value for money for Koehler as the long term nature of the structure will protect their assets and machinery for many years to come.

“With our big machinery, we needed large openings for access and we definitely didn’t want one of those ‘blow away sheds’ we have heard about so we had a good look around at what was available.  We went with Clearspan for their superior strength and ability to handle the project from start to finish.  We are more than happy with the finished product and their service throughout the project.

We highly recommend Clearspan for anyone wanting a high quality shed that is value for money.”

Noel Koehler | Koehler Farms

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